Why should people pay to download my single when radiohead have given their album away for free? It doesn’t make any sense, I can’t possibly compete. I’m an unknown entity, and how can I charge on that basis? If I am to have a career in music, I need as many people to listen to the songs as possible, why should I put stumbling blocks in their way? Don’t get me wrong, I would welcome financial contribution, but why should anyone pay for what they can get for free elsewhere. If people are interested they’ll buy a ticket, come to a show; I’d rather they paid for a badge than paid for a download.

I think the music business is in trouble, but not for the reasons part of the industry think. Its nothing to do with the availability of free downloads; moreover it has more to do with quality output, and the lack of added value. People pay to be part of something, I think responsibility lies with the artist, the label, (in fact everyone) putting more effort into that something rather than just cynically churning out the same old manufactured commercial record. The reality is the consumer can now chose independently of shrewd Svengalis. This is a turning point.

When I discovered that the ‘music business’ was in fact the ‘business of music’ my heart sank. Suddenly artistic merit had to take a back seat to commercial awareness, great pr, and a truer focus on marketability. Selling music or being commercial now means that the opposite is true. We need to add value, suffer more; put more effort in. That really means by breaking your back to make better music, you stand a greater chance of a pursuing a music career and if that’s the case it validates the last 10 years, the soul destroying jobs and the constant disappoint that though I always felt success lay in a melody, its real success was measured in its palatability deemed by a team of tastemakers I would never meet.


3 thoughts on “Turning”

  1. People don’t respect what they get for free. Music is downloaded and discarded quicker than people sneeze. People who download music for free aren’t fans so wouldn’t have paid for the music in the first place. People who listen to your music then pay for the product are the ones that are gonna be with you in the following years. All you can do is work hard. Good luck.


  2. I disagree, in the up and coming music business, where there are hundreds of new singers/songwriters, you want to try before you buy – download the music, get hooked on the artist and then buy the tickets and help him make his millions. Good luck Toby.

  3. T-Bone,

    I certainly agree with your views, more so since discussing it music in general with you some time ago (which helped to change my views of music). Back to the single – I love it. It has style and substance, something which is certainly lacking in mainstream music. I genuinely hope that this is a turning point and there is only success for you from now on.

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