“The potential to be the best singer songwriter I’ve heard come out of the UK since Tom McRae ……..and I think that guy’s a genius……achingly beautiful” Damien Leslie, Incendiary magazine October 2008

I have, it is fair to say, lived a certain way these last years, that is a single purpose has dominated me, and it’s pursuit had moved me form the country to the city, from the city to the sea. I am delighted to have received such a complimentary review from Incendiary. To read the full review click

I married in august and moved to beautiful west Cornwall. We rent an unfeasibly cold cottage halfway down a dirt track. It is as far I think from South London as you can be; recently we have been kept awake by silence. I have written and played more than I have in years & more importantly written the new single “Radio” which I hope to begin recording in December.

New live dates are to be announced shortly. The singles lady napalm and London remain free to download from Old fashioned cd’s are available illustrated with beautiful artwork courtesy of the infamous Matt Street who also got his sticky fingers on some t shirts as well- write to me at


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